Giving Back

It’s About Giving Back

All profit generated from Aspire, contributes to the University of Wollongong’s student engagement experience. The Pulse Student Engagement team carefully design a variety of events and experiences to maximise the students university life on campus.

Aspire employs a large majority of the food and beverage team from students on campus at the University of Wollongong plus local residents. The team is provided with fulfilling hospitality work experience, short-term work or opportunities to build on a successful industry career.

Sustainable work practices are implemented including the provision of general waste, recycling and organic waste bins. Organic waste is processed via the Pulpmaster system at the UniBar which diverts organic waste from landfill.

The catering team utilises bio-degradable disposables including cutlery, napkins and plates. Plastic straws are excluded from our beverage service.

Where it can the Aspire kitchen purchases its fruit and vegetables from locally sourced sustainable farms. Working closely with Green Connect in the Illawarra to improve and deliver sustainable food.


New Pulse Pantry Initiative

At Aspire, we’re committed to sustainability and invite you to be part of our important initiative. We’ve partnered with Pulse Pantry, a vital resource that provides free groceries and hygiene items for UOW students, to provide free food for students using event leftovers. Recent statistics reveal that one in two students faces some form of food insecurity, with one in five forced to skip meals due to financial constraints.

During a recent event, Aspire was able to feed over 250 UOW students over 3 days and saved roughly 60-70kg of food from going to waste after a conference. We can all help not only minimise food wastage but also extend a helping hand to students in need.


If you would like to include this initiative when planning your event, please speak to the Aspire team to find out more.

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